Human Resources Services Review

Human Resources Services Review


Human resources_serviceHuman Resources is an area of legal and regulatory confusion for many business owners, and rightfully so. What does it really encompass? Is my company large enough to be required to comply with everything the regulatory agencies require? This area of conducting a business is a quagmire of requirements that are not only easy to violate, but that are difficult to even keep up with due to the many changes that are introduced frequently and without notice to business owners unless they know where to look and have the time to.

The remedy here is two-fold, first, review what the company is currently doing about such issues as, but not limited to:

  1. Work place harassment or the creation of a work environment that is somehow hostile or impossible to work in for someone.
  2. Work place equality as to opportunity, pay, benefits, etc.
  3. Policies and procedures having to do with discipline
  4. Policies and procedures having to do with hiring and firing of employees.
  5. ADA compliance
  6. Discrimination based on legally protected classes of employees

Secondly, once any deficiencies are discovered in these areas that show up as:

  1. Behavior of any personnel that violates legally or statutorily mandated human rights laws.
  2. The absence of company policies and procedures that provide specific guidelines for company compliance with statutory requirements dealing with employees, clients, or other persons being dealt with by the company on a regular basis.
  3. The absence of any kind of training for employees that require them to follow company policies and procedures.

The company should develop policies if there are none, or update company policies and procedures if they currently exist. These policies and procedures must be formalized in writing, and then all personnel of the company must be trained in compliance with these policies.