Corporate Rx

Corporate Rx

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Corporate Rx is a series of services capable of identifying and eliminating areas of risk and potential liability that currently exist within not only your business entity, such as your LLC or your Corporation, but within your ongoing business enterprise as well!

When was the last time you took a good hard look at your LLC, or your corporation? Do you know the kinds of things that can open your company up to liabilities resulting in lawsuits and losses?

Did you know that your business entity, your LLC or your Corporation is the single most important protection you have against lawsuits and damage claims? What have you done within the last year alone to maintain it according to the laws of your own state?

Crx 1Ask yourself these questions then call us for immediate assistance in solving these and many other risk and liability related issues:

  • When was the last time you submitted an annual report to the Secretary of State in your state?
  • When was the last time you updated the names and addresses of the officers and directors, or managing members of your business entity?
  • Have you ever properly issued ownership certificates for your LLC or stock certificates for your corporation?
  • Have any of the ownership certificates issued by your business entity been properly journaled?
  • Can you actually prove that your business assets are owner or titled in the name of your business?
  • Can you established, based on your current records that your employees have been trained to do the work they are performing in the field on behalf of your company?
  • Do you know for sure whether or not the employees that work for your company that are supposed to have licenses or certificates are actually up to date?

These are just a few of the many issues that present an immediate risk and potential sources of liability to you and your company.


We at PCO Legal know that your time is valuable. As a business owner your time is in constant demand by customers, employees, vendors, state and local authorities requiring all kinds of compliance and the proof of that compliance. HEY! WE CAN HELP!

While you are about the business of doing business, PCO Legal can easily identify and solve those areas of employee performance and activity, policy deficiencies, regulatory lapses or deficiencies that are putting your company and its assets at risk, right now!

Call or contact us immediately! We will come to you, wherever your offices are and sit down for a free consultation about what we can do to create a risk-resistant shield that will protect you, your personal assets, your company, and its assets.