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About Us

You know your business, PCO Legal knows how to protect it!

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PCO Legal is a nearly unique company in the “hard knocks” landscape of the real business world. Owned and operated by real business people, the challenges that face small business owners from day to day, from tax quarter to tax quarter and from one fiscal year to the next are something that they not only understand, but have come to look at it from different perspective that has been useful in helping build success in business. What is that perspective; risk and potential liabilities. What kinds of risks? Where does potential liability lie? That is what the services of PCO Legal is all about.

The undertaking of any business enterprise can be many things. However, one thing that almost everyone will agree on is that it entails risk. Risk of all kinds; not just those associated with startup and launch. What PCO has learned from its clients is that risk and potential liability are an ever-present and multi-faceted problem that lurks in nearly every area that touches any business enterprise.

How about these just for starters?

Employees: How many times have you heard it said that they are your greatest asset as well as being your biggest liability? Whether we want to accept this or not, it is a fact that bears itself out every day in the business world. Employees sell our products, perform our services, and man our operations. But they also damage private property, injure other people, miss deadlines, and make mistakes that can cost your business its entire profit margin on any given job. So what do you do as a business owner about this two-sided necessity? Call PCO Legal today, we can look at how your people are trained, how do they conduct your business, and what measures have been built into your policies and procedures that will protect you from employee liabilities.

Business Entities:  No business enterprise should be operated outside the protective shield of a formal business entity. Why? Because if you operate that enterprise as a sole proprietor everything you own, including every single private asset is at risk in the event of a problem. So what are the right questions to ask about business entities? Call us today and find out not only the right questions, but the right answers.

Policies and Procedures: What are the rules you operate your business by? Those rules are there, because you have specific expectations of your employees, your clients, and even of yourself as a business owner. Did you know that an unwritten policy is the same in the eyes of any regulatory agency as no policy at all? Policies are once again, one of those areas that span nearly the entire breadth of any business undertaking. No policies literally mean high liability and exposure to risk. PCO Legal can help your business in this critical area of protection. Call us today.

Our experience in performing on-site analysis or your business’ practices can provide you with invaluable information about where your company is at risk and facing potential liabilities. Our analysis comes to you in the form of a comprehensive report that includes specific solutions that PCO Legal will undertake and execute. Your time is valuable and the majority of it must be spent doing the business of doing business. Let PCO Legal help you protect your business and its assets from unnecessary risks and liabilities. Call us today for a free initial consultation and to set up a time for us to come by and look at your operation. You are already a success, we can help you protect that success!

John T. Olive J.D.

John-3_SQAUAREMr. Olive is not only a business owner himself, but is in the business of helping other business owners protect what they have put their lives and fortunes into building. With over twenty years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of industries he brings a keen awareness to risk and liability analysis that includes virtually every area of your business. From the regulations that oversee how you do business, to your work-place safety issues; from the complexities of human resource issues such as harassment and employee discipline, to the development of policies and procedures that can stand as a bulwark against liability, Mr. Olive and the PCO Legal team can identify your risks and potential liabilities, develop a strategy for correcting them and then actively put them in place.